So, who do you love the most?

Today I came across a meme on social media that, for once, made me think long and hard. Here it is:

Love yourself

Good question! Think about it. Would you have put yourself first? Would you have come in the top 5? What about in the list at all? How many of us wouldn’t even think of including ourselves?

We talk about living in a society that is becoming more and more self-obsessed, narcissistic, self-involved. But how much of that is actually positive? How much of it belies a caring attitude to ourselves?

My personal opinion: not much of it at all.

Having lived for, so far, the majority of my life with a narcissist (that’s another story), I can personally attest to how damaging such a personality is. Loving myself was a battle hard won, something I actually had to teach myself.

And yet, I still wouldn’t be in my top 5!

I’m sure many others would be in a similar situation, even if they’ve had a relatively serene upbringing.

In my case, I’d probably mention, in no specific order:

  1. My husband
  2. My son
  3. My cat
  4. Food
  5. Travel

But how much better would my love for the above be if I first and foremost truly, utterly and deeply love myself?

Let me know what number you’d be on your list!

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