List of firsts

Today, as I was listening to Italian radio (something I love to do to escape the anglicised world we live in), the programme hosts were commenting on a survey that was recently carried out to see what ‘firsts’ people most remembered.

Of course, there were the standard ones, such as the first time we fall in love, the first kiss, the first time we have sex. Continue reading



It’s been a while since I’ve blogged here, mostly due to my condition which has left me with very little energy and time to do anything much. More on that later.

But today, today I couldn’t let the day pass by without posting this. Today would have been the 75th birthday of a very, very special woman who entered my life rather late (I was 31 when I met her) but who firmly became one of my most ardent supporters, always there, with a quiet presence, but a rock solid one, firm in her convictions, but without judgement, willing to do whatever it took to be the very best person she could be. Continue reading