The very thing that defines us

“It’s a boy!” “It’s a girl!”

Those are the very first words we (as newborns) hear, announcing to the world at large where it is we take our place across this great divide. Are we from Mars? Are we from Venus? What if we’re neither? Or what if we’re born one way but deep down are another way?

How traumatic must it be for someone to have to exist in a skin that they don’t feel belongs to them? Why should it be so hard for us to simply BE? To exist as we wish, as we feel, as we think, as we perceive?

And how harder still must it be for parents to be supportive of and proactive towards a child who begins to manifest a different sense of self to the one ascribed to him or her.

As a mum I know I would wholeheartedly back my child in any decision he may take (naturally, with the understanding that such a decision is not to the detriment and harm of others). But I’m also acutely aware that the challenges he would have to face, and I with him, particularly if he is very young, are immense. Where does one start?

It is therefore for me with great awe and admiration that I salute this amazing family and wish them the very best that life has to offer. Clearly, Willa has already got what many other kids do not have, loving and understanding parents who are only interested in the very best for HER and for no-one else. (English language starts at 4:50).

2 thoughts on “The very thing that defines us

  1. I very much enjoyed reading your thoughtful post. It takes a kind sweet lady to even think of how you would support your child if he/she makes it know that they are dealing with gender issues. Far too many families, mothers and fathers turn their backs on their children when they make it known they they are transsexual/transgendered. Mother’s like you are rare. I thank God every day for mothers like you.


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