This is me.

From a (hyper) active woman, mother, wife, keen chef, music lover, reader… to a housebound human, barely making it through the day, miserable and dejected. Never before has the importance of mental health been so apparent to me than over the past two months. It all started just under 11 years ago, two weeks into a new job.

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Adieu, Cassandra

So here it is – the day I part with Cassandra.

That’s what I’ve decided to call my colon – I love the name, it’s so melodious, but of course, the figure from Greek mythology that it represents suffered an awful fate – enabled with the gift of prophecy that no-one would, however, believe. A terrible harbinger of doom. Quite an apt name I think for a part of me that has tried so hard to work but can’t help but fight itself. And it does this in ‘secret’ – in that it’s fight is invisible.

Adieu, Cassandra, fair thee well. Thanks for the good times, pity about the bad times. My body needs to rest now so let’s hope I’ll get on just fine without you.


Not a new tatoo but the stoma site marked out by the nurse.