The Salott Outstanding Woman of the Year Award

A while back I was approached to be on the judging panel for The Salott Outstanding Woman of the Year Award being run by by the administrators of a very popular Facebook group called, appropriately, The Salott (which roughly translates to The Living Room).

Whittling down the 22 nominees to 5 was already arduous, but the hardest task was undoubtedly casting my vote today for the overall winner. It might sound like a cliché, but all the top 5 are truly deserving in their own way. So much so, I’d like to showcase them here because it is so important to have everyday female role models to look up to and be inspired by, women from all walks of life, everyday heroines who make this world a better place, at times to the detriment of their own personal lives. And it’s a very powerful feeling to realise that there are so many walking amongst us, in our own small society. Just think how we could better this world if we all did a fraction of what these beautiful people are doing. If this post inspires just one more person to take up the challenge (whatever that may be individually for each one of us), then that would be a good day, indeed.

So, here they are:

The winner will be announced this Sunday at noon on The Salott’s page so check-in there to keep updated!

For more information on the Nansen Award, click here.

And here are links to the organisations these 5 wonder women are involved with:
Jesuit Refugee Service – Malta
SOS Malta (very slow loading)
Women’s Rights Foundation

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