Have my head off, go ahead…

…but I simply can’t not write this blog post.

For once, this year’s Eurovision had a number of strong entries. And by this, I mean musically sound songs, lyrics that made sense, performances that had class. It wasn’t just a mix of the usual trite, stale, pop ballads, though there were those too.

The winning entry was certainly not one of those, with its unusual musical arrangement and its very strong political message.

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A sad sad day for this island rock

I’m sitting here, in utter and total disbelief, hoping against hope that I will be able to archive this post before publishing it.

It pains me beyond belief to learn that the majority of my countryfolk, those who bothered to vote that is, have chosen to defend an outdated right practice that goes against the principles of conservation and sustainability in a world which is moving steadily to the brink.  Continue reading