List of firsts

Today, as I was listening to Italian radio (something I love to do to escape the anglicised world we live in), the programme hosts were commenting on a survey that was recently carried out to see what ‘firsts’ people most remembered.

Of course, there were the standard ones, such as the first time we fall in love, the first kiss, the first time we have sex. Continue reading

Finally, lunch is here!

As a self-confessed foodie, one thing I absolutely love is preparing for a large gathering. I actually get a thrill from the advance prep work that’s needed, sourcing the recipes I’ll be making, writing up the shopping lists, planning the days ahead, and even jotting down a timetable for the day itself. Hands up anyone else who’s like this! Continue reading

Yet more food!

Warning – look away now if you don’t want to read another foodie post!

Yesterday was Good Friday and while I am not religious, I cannot but help enjoy and partake in the special dishes that Malta has to offer on this special day. In keeping with the Catholic tradition of not eating any meat on this day, the need arose to find dishes that offer just as much sustenance, and so it is that pulses and peas put in a big appearance on this day. Continue reading